Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

It looks like destiny

HI! this is my first post :) just enjoy it!
Actually i don't believe about destiny. but i don't know how it goes. i don't know if that day i met someone very affect for my life. and i realized it after 4 months.
 "it looks like destiny brought it to my door"

these photos are taken about 4 months ago by VDS photography. yes more than good i think. LOVE!:)

i'm wearing backless dress by Guess and Heels by Guess. the dress lil'bit loose for me. but yeah i love the little black dress with the flowing panels.

i always love to dress like this. an androgynous style. leather pants by Topshop and blazer plus add daffodile louboutin. this is never wrong :)

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