Minggu, 22 Juli 2012

Bright Sunnies

finally i just done my orientation week few days ago. and have time to update this blog. I was having quick photoshoot by Reinhard Kenneth at his home. Photos are taken before i was busy with my college. 
and count down more days i will start my university life. seriously, i'm not ready!

The weather is so hot, sun so bright burned the skin when at rooftop, but we still enjoying the photoshoot. 
I was wearing floral bustier that i bought year ago, paired it with peplum skirt and blue electric high heels that anniversary gift from my boyfie. 
I don't know my eyes are so attracked by blue electric color this lately. but it's nice too, isn't it? ;)

Me - Allodya Anwar - Brigitta Monique - Michelle Claudia

Floral bustier - Topshop
Peplum skirt - Random
Heels - Zara